Wordle is Now an App, Web Version Remains

Wordle, the word game craze, has experienced a few adjustments since it was purchased by The New York Times in early 2022. So far, the game has been migrated to the publication’s own website, and player accounts have been introduced, allowing you to carry your streak between platforms. You may now play the daily Wordle via an app.

Wordle is Now an App, Web Version Remains

This isn’t a dedicated Wordle app, so don’t go directly to the Google Play Store and download every app labeled Wordle, since they will be clones. Instead, it’s included in The New York Times Crossword app, which is accessible for both Android and iOS. This current app now includes Wordle with the service’s other games, however unlike the other titles, Wordle remains free.

The highlights of The New York Times Crossword app include The Crossword, The Mini, and Spelling Bee, and soon Wordle will join them. Wordle will be available via its regular website, but an app may be useful if you want to use it on a daily basis without having to navigate to the specific web page. Wordle will also be available on The New York Times news app.

Wordle is still available for free on both the website and the app. To access it on the app, you’ll need to create a free account, and it’ll give you a seven-day free trial of the entire service. To access all of the NYT games, you must pay for $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. According to the company’s FAQs, Wordle will stay free even if you do not subscribe.

Wordle remains popular, with claims claiming that it has over two million daily users. According to the New York Times, 10% of active Wordle players have played at least 145 games by the end of last month. That’s a lot, especially since the game was just published in October 2021 and took a few months to acquire traction. If you’re still playing, here are our favorite Wordle tips and techniques.

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