You Can Soon Hide Makima’s Coat In Nikke Due To Fan Outrage

feature image for our nikke collab news piece, the image features promo art for makima from chainsaw man in the game, as well as art of the new costume for makima as she holds a gun without her coat
Well, the Chainsaw Man Nikke collab is presently continuous, and it’s tested quite popular amongst fans of the gacha video game and the anime/manga series. However, there’s one problem that appears to be distributing online at the minute, which is: “Why is Makima wearing a coat?”

Makima’s Coat in the Nikke Collab

Now, it seems like a quite odd concern if you’re not acquainted with the nature of Nikke itself. However, the video game prides itself on excessive character styles with epic properties. Fans were wishing to get a glance of Makima with a similarly excessive animation, however alas, they did not. Makima’s release is an amazing time for some, however a great deal of gamers are dissatisfied that she’s using her renowned long black coat. It’s not unusual for some Nikke characters to be using a long coat or a piece of clothes that conceals particular parts of their body– however Chainsaw Man fans didn’t desire this to use to Makima.

Free Costume for Makima

So, the designers have actually listened, and they are including a totally free outfit for Makima in an upgrade that is due on March second. Keep in mind that this outfit is a benefit that you can acquire by finishing a set of objectives. We’re not too sure what these objectives are right now, however we presume that they are quite simple to make it through. Though with this being a totally free outfit, there might be a little bit of grinding to do!As amusing as this scenario is, it does demonstrate how much the designers really listen to the gamers. They might quickly neglect the grievances, however rather, they’re developing more Nikke collab material with it.Fans can now sleep simple, understanding that they can play as Makima without her coat in the shooter RPG gacha.

What is Nikke?

Nikke is definitely a fascinating instalment in the gacha category, however in spite of its risque design, it’s tested quite popular amongst fans. Enjoy a remarkably immersive story as you explore this sci-fi shooter with RPG components. Collect a series of characters and update them as you advance through the video game. Even the battle is engaging, with a distinct spin on gacha gameplay. For more info about the video game, go to the video game’s official website or download the video game from Google Play now!

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