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Enjoy the best of the best in football matches, information, news, and statistics. Download Epic Sports for Android and experience the greatest football streaming app available for mobile.
Know the Epic Sports Interface

Before getting started, it’s better to understand the Epic Sports Interface to have a better idea of how the application works. Of course, the application has an easy and user friendly interface.

However, it’s always better to be prepared, rather than having no idea of what is to come. With that being said, there are a few sections that are worth noting, when browsing the Epic Sports menu.
Main Menu (Matches):

First is the Epic Sports Main Menu. Here, you will get all of the most recent activity and posts directly displayed for you to enjoy. This way, you will always remain aware of what is new and what is to be expected. On that note, you can also view posts from other times. These will include both previous and future posts to be expected. Furthermore, you can choose the options of Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow. So, you are able to view posts based on when they have been released or when they will eventually come out.

The main page you are in is obviously displaying the matches of today. Choosing Yesterday will display all matches from the previous day. You can select whichever matches you want to watch or re-watch. The time of the match is also in full display, alongside the amount of time remaining before the match begins. In this case, there will be a “Match End” message. Likewise, the Tomorrow page will have a countdown to the start of the match.

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